Registering DNS Records into a Bind Domain

Records are used to assign hostnames to IP addresses, mail servers for domains, and many other services. Learn how to add the records to a Bind-based domain.

How to Create Forward Lookup Zones for Bind

Forward lookup zones translate hostnames into IP addresses to allow computers to find each other on a network. This tutorial shows you how to create one for Bind 9 DNS.

How to Deploy a CentOS 6 BIND DNS Server

This tutorials guides you through configuring a domain naming server powered by the popular BIND package.

How to Configure Ubuntu 13 to be a DNS Server

Creating a domain name server on Ubuntu 13 is simple. Learn how to do it by creating a primary and secondary BIND DNS server for your environment.

Using Linux BIND DNS Servers for Active Directory Domains

Learn how to configure a BIND DNS domain for Active Directory on a Linux server, and also the pros and cons of doing so.

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