Resetting the Root Password in CentOS and Red Hat

Overview It happens to the best of us. The root password for a particular server isn’t known, there are no other admin accounts available, and you need immediate access to the server. ┬áIt may have been the result of a previous employee not documenting it or maybe it was lost. Either way, it needs to […]

Installing and Configuring MariaDB 10 on CentOS 6

This tutorial will guide you through the deployment process of MariaDB on a Red Hat-based Linux server, such as CentOS. We’ll start by configuring the hardware and then move into the installation and configuration of MariaDB.

Troubleshooting SELinux Issues on CentOS and Red Hat

Learn how to work with SELinux instead of disabling it and creating an insecure server. Use SETroubleshoot to identify why something is being blocked.

Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 brings a lot of much needed change to the operating system, including its installation process.

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