Configure a Secure Ubuntu 13 FTP Server

Protect your users and their data. Learn how to easily deploy a secure FTP server on Ubuntu 13 using SSL\TLS to protect in-transport data.

Bonding Network Interfaces in CentOS 6

Learn how to team network interfaces to create fault tolerance, increased throughput, or load balancing bonds. This tutorial will guide you through teaming interfaces to create a what is know as a bond in Linux.

How to Connect Mac OS X to NFS Shares

Quickly and easily connect your Mac to NFS shares on your home or small business network file server – without needing NIS or LDAP.

Configure CentOS 6 Network Settings

Learn how to configure your network settings in CentOS 6.X, from the desktop and the command line.

Install and Configure MySQL 5 on Ubuntu Server 13

Learn how to install MySQL 5.5 on Ubuntu 13.10 the right way, following best practices for security.

How to Configure Ubuntu 13 to be a DNS Server

Creating a domain name server on Ubuntu 13 is simple. Learn how to do it by creating a primary and secondary BIND DNS server for your environment.

Using Linux BIND DNS Servers for Active Directory Domains

Learn how to configure a BIND DNS domain for Active Directory on a Linux server, and also the pros and cons of doing so.

Configuring an NFS Server on Windows Server 2012 R2

Step-by-step tutorial on how to deploy your Windows Server 2012 R2 NFS server. Use it to easily connect Linux and Unix-based clients or servers to your Windows file storage.

Load Balancing Web Servers with Nginx on CentOS 6

When you need additional nodes to handle your web traffic, use Nginx as an inexpensive and simple load balancer. Read this tutorial to learn how it’s done.

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