How to Configure HAProxy Health Checks

Ensuring the backend servers HAProxy is forwarding your users’ requests to are healthy is important. How you check for health is based on the type of service hosted in the backend. Web applications need to be checked differently from database servers. In this tutorial I will show you different ways of doing HAProxy health checks so to help maintain a great user experience.

Monitoring HAProxy using HATOP

Overview As an administrator you know that monitoring a service is essential. With HAProxy, there are stats for which you will want to know that aren’t presented to you through TOP or in log files. To make these stats visible, HAProxy can create socket file that can then be accessed by a third-party application to […]

Compiling and Running HAProxy from Source on Ubuntu 14

Overview Although you can install and run HAProxy from the default package repository for Ubuntu, the version available is usually out of date. Now if you are more interested in stability than features this may be fine. For those who are looking to use new features only available in more recent versions, you will need […]

HAProxy Load balancer on Ubuntu 14 Server

HAProxy is a great load balancer solution for those who do not need enterprise functionality. In this post I discus how to deploy it on Ubuntu 14 Server.

Direct Routing Load Balancer Cluster on CentOS 6.5 using Keepalived

Learn how to create a Direct Routing active/passive keepalived loud balancer cluster. Direct Routing load balancing is ideal when hosting large files or multimedia.

Creating a Yum Repository Server for Red Hat and CentOS

Creating your own repository is simple. It’s a great way to ensure your servers have access to packages not included in the default repos, like ones created by your development team.

Layer 7 Load Balancing with HAProxy

Use layer 7 load balancing to more intelligently scale your web application and spread load across different groups of servers.

Layer 4 Load Balancing with HAProxy

Simple and extremely fast load balancing of your web application across multiple servers using HAProxy.

Deploying an HAProxy Load Balancer on CentOS 6

HAProxy is a popular and free load balancing solution for Linux. Learn how to deploy it on CentOS to balance your web servers.

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